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Stunning Display Skins

Productivity Utilities
Developer: Lifestyle Guru, LLC
19.99 USD

Were proud to offer you our new app: now you can check the weather and time by using our beautiful widgets. Appreciate their classic design and customize the settings. Its quite simple but VERY useful.

HOW TO USE: You can create several widgets for your screen. Install the widget of current time and the widget of weather at your location. Besides, you can get the widgets of current weather at any other location you want.

If some of your friends or family are staying in another country and you worry about them, keep on your screen the widget of their current city weather. If you see the sun and warm temperature, cheer up thinking of your distant dearest. If you see they currently have rain and clouds, call them or send them a thoughtful message. For example, write to your currently distant girlfriend that during heavy rain or snow at her location she can warm up with the idea you miss her and wait for her return.

Stunning Display Skins features:
- Useful widgets of weather and time;
- Check the weather at any location you want: think of your currently distant beloved, family members or friends;
- Enjoy the pleasant classic design;
- Customize the settings.

Just try our useful app which is also a nice addition to your screen general view!